A downloadable story for Windows

Imagine one day you wake up in a man’s body. You could not remember who you are. The new reality for you is that you are Michael, a philosophy professor at the University of Cambridge. You try to live Michael’s life: giving lectures, supervisions, and talks at conferences. Even though you know nothing about philosophy, people agree with whatever you say. Gradually, you discover the complicated relationships around Michael between academics and students. In the meantime, you find your past overlaps with Michael's... Can you get back to your body? Can you handle the secrets you will discover? Will your path cross with Michael’s? All these questions are left for the player to discover.

The game is more than just a Visual Novel. It will contain puzzles about interesting philosophical knowledge, mechanics to present the complicated relationships, and most importantly, a distinct, rich storyline.

About our team

We are a team of three passionate female game developers. Our team leader Cecilia was a PhD student in Computer Science and has been a game designer and producer for 3 years at one of the most famous game companies in China. Our scriptwriter Aiko is a talented writer who has published several books; meanwhile, she just received a Master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Our programmer Aleisha is going to be a 3rd-year games programming student with Chinese-English translation experience, eager to gain more experience through this opportunity. We are a team of underrepresentation, aim to break the limit of traditional visual novels, and provide an exciting and immersive experience for gamers.

Change Log

---Prototype 23/9/2020---

15 minutes story with branching storylines (partly dubbed)

Relationship and Favourability System

Philosophical Debating Skills

Install instructions


Expand the .zip file and run the .exe file in the folder.


Click the triangle to the bottom right to keep the dialogue moving. Click the 'Gamepedia' button to browse known informations. Press Esc to quit the game.


Ship of Theseus Demo Build.zip 30 MB